We have three shop: 2 e-shops and one salon with exposition in Vilnius.

Our salon in Vilnius

120 sq. meters salon ViskasVoniai located Ukmergės g. 283B, Vilnius, where you can see the exposition. Professional counselors provide all information about products, their installation, maintenance and help you choose and advise how to install a cozy, comfortable and exclusive bathrooms.

Our e-shop viskasvoniai.lt

Viskasvoniai.lt - it's a specialized electronics store that sells plumbing for bathroom and kitchen rooms. Our online store offers a wide range of goods asortment. All goods are of high quality, well-known brands, and only those who have the guarantee and have service in Lithuania. Goods can be delivered to you into your house, for a quick and convenient shopping.

Our e-shop hidromasazas.lt

Hidromasazas.lt - is the only specialized massage bath and shower enclosures online shop in Lithuania where you can design and buy massage bath or a steam shower. Thanks to the specifics of the store, you can choose from many baths, showers, different sizes and shapes, selecting a massage system, its attachments and accessories.

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